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What exactly is Citrulline?

The first amino acid found in watermelon is known as citrulline. It is a non-essential nutrient that your body can produce on its own. Furthermore, rather than relying on your body’s production, you can boost your levels by consuming citrulline-containing foods or taking health supplements. Higher levels may have a positive impact on health and exercise performance…. Read More


Body core science means – “100 % genuine & Authentic Product”

BODY CORE SCIENCE- India’s Trusted & Affordable Protein – Affordable Supplements Brand

India is transforming into a fitness freak nation at a very rapid rate. People perhaps see bodybuilding as a professional choice as well. Body Core Science comes with a vision to provide qualitative and affordable supplements to every section of society. 

Our body requires necessary supplements which are hard to take via a regular food diet. Therefore, extra nutrition is required by the human body to fulfill those requirements. Body Core Science provides healthy and quality nutrition at a very affordable price range.

Best Affordable Protein

Protein is one of the basic requirements of the human body. It helps in the muscle development process of the body. The bodybuilding professional needs regular protein in order to maintain or develop their muscles. 

Body Core Science provides an affordable protein powder range with the highest quality level so as it doesn’t create a burden on the pocket of fitness enthusiasts. This makes BCS Whey Protein the best budget protein powder in India.

BCS Mass Gainer

Body Core Science has a huge range of affordable gainers which helps you to put on the right balance of your body. BCS Mass Gainer comes with the right amount of calories with equally good protein which helps you to gain weight.

Which Gainer is Best for Mass Gain?

A quality gainer has the right nutrition values with the right composition of protein, carbohydrates, and calories. Body Core Science Mass gainers help you to gain the right balance. Body Core Science Mass Gainer is one of the best for mass gain with the right nutrition values

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