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"Start your fitness journey to a healthier lifestyle with Body Core Science."

Want to know how you can maintain a healthy lifestyle?

Fitness plays a crucial role in life. If you are fit and healthy, then you can achieve your goals, but if you are not, then it can be daunting. Keeping the importance of fitness in life, we at Body Core Science believe this is a perfect place to begin your journey of fitness.

We offer affordable supplements with 100% generosity. We serve all across India, which ensures that you achieve your fitness goals. Body Core Science serves as the Health and Fitness specialist. Since 2018, Body Core Science has been delivering high-quality supplements to every fitness enthusiast.


We are on a mission to ensure that all the ingredients are safe to consume and provide you with a power-packed performance. Our organization has successfully grown over the years with our dedication to providing a healthy lifestyle.


Our main focus is to guide our customers to achieve their health and wellness goals by offering a credible source of information and scientifically proven health supplements of high quality. All of our products are put through rigorous clinical trials over short periods to determine safety and efficacy.

What makes Body Core Science unique?

Want to know how to stay fit and improve your overall health?
The secret behind a happy and healthy life relies on a healthy body. Fitness is important in life, so we must exercise and eat a healthy diet, to stay fit. There are various ways that will lead you to a healthy life.

Exercising and taking a balanced diet is one of them. If you are a fitness enthusiast or a gym freak who takes a balanced diet but still suffers from fatigue, then you must be lacking the protein, nutrients, vitamins, that are crucial for the body. These nutrients and proteins can be found in the health supplement. Taking health supplements along with a balanced diet will improve your muscle strength and increase the endurance of your body.

At Body Core Science, we offer a wide range of health supplements through which you can increase your endurance, improve your muscle strength, and provide the essential nutrients that are lacking in your body. We provide products of high-quality at an affordable price. We believe in promoting fitness across our Nation.

Why should you choose Body Core Science?

With so many brands available on the market, you must be wondering why you should choose Body Core Science and what makes this brand unique?

Well, from proteins to gainers, we believe that our products are formed in a way that will fulfil the fitness dreams of many. You can enjoy our products with several refreshing drinks such as shakes, smoothies, and many more. With the drool-worthy flavors, we ensure that your taste buds will surely fall in love and your body will obtain the necessary proteins and nutrients through which you can perform well and that will help you improve your immunity. Body Core Science offers authentic products. As fitness plays an important role in life, we promise to deliver authentic products at affordable prices.

A Made-in-India Health and Fitness Brand

Body Core Science is a made-in-India brand that offers authentic and best-quality health supplements, protein powders, and general wellness products that are available at an affordable price. We offer various health and fitness supplements, which include proteins, gainers, and various nutritional products. With these products, you will achieve the desired results and will gain more strength in your body.

Authentic Health Supplements

Body Core Science has made the process easier and more convenient. By eliminating the middleman, consumers can buy authentic and high-quality supplements that are safer to consume. We believe that health and fitness are very important in achieving a healthy lifestyle. Without health, you cannot achieve any success in life.

Affordable Health Supplements that you can find offline too

With so many health and fitness brands available in the market, Body Core Science fulfills the promise of providing the health supplements at an affordable price. As we believe that every individual’s health is vital and people should also make health a priority too. Moreover, our whole process of developing the product till delivering it is done here which makes us an affordable brand too. So, to enhance the procedure of make our nation fit, we develop each of our product in accurate ratio to fulfill your all fitness requirements. Furthermore, you can find our products at Protein Godam too which is available online as well as offline store too. So, if you want to buy our product from the store then you are more than welcome at Protein Godam.

Make your health a priority with our affordable range of health supplements

Body Core Science believes in "Push your Limits, till you achieve your fitness goals. With high quality and authentic health supplements at reasonable prices, you can remain focused on your fitness. We believe in promoting the importance of health and fitness across our nation.

Comprehensive Information in every product

We ensure that you are well-versed in the product's features and usage instructions before purchasing any product from us. With detailed information and features, you can be satisfied with buying an authentic product. These authentic products are safe to consume, and you can gain more strength and improve your overall health with these health supplements.

Strengthen your muscles with protein powders

Body Core Science offers a variety of protein powders through which you can strengthen your muscles. These protein powders come in a variety of flavors, which are used to revive your muscles and enhance muscle growth.

Enhance your calories with Mass Gainer

Mass gainers offer high calories in just one scoop. Body Core Science provides authentic mass gainers that help you provide high carbs and calories. With these mass gainers, you will improve your endurance and gain muscle.

A Peanut Butter a day keeps you energetic throughout the day

The creamy, crunchy and sweet and salty Peanut butter provides energy throughout the day. With many health benefits, Body Core Science Peanut Butter is perfect to consume as it is a blend of nutrients that helps in boosting up your health along with the improvement of blood sugar levels. This peanut butter will help you in providing the energy you need to perform more workout.

Boost your workout with Body Core Science Pre-Workout essentials 

Body Core Science provides a diverse variety of Pre-Workout essentials that provides extra boost to perform more workout. From varieties of Gainers, Proteins along with Citrulline, Gulcotrix these varieties help you to achieve your fitness goals and improve your overall health.

Improve your health with the best General wellness products

With the motto of “pushing limits till you achieve your fitness goals”, Body Core Science provides various general wellness products, which include Omega-3, Testyo Boost, Shilajit, CLA and many more. These products help you boost your immunity and increase your strength.

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