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There’s more to becoming in shape than just working out. Due to time limits and fitness goals, adequate nutrition and supplementation are essential. As long as you’re looking for a one-stop shop, Body Core Science is an excellent place to start. In addition to advising on personal fitness training, it helps you make sure that you’re purchasing 100% natural BCS Supplement and BCS Protein powders.

We serve all of India’s cities with all of your fitness needs through our internet channel. All of your nutrition, supplement, and protein needs are met by Body Core Science, which serves as your nutritionist, supplement, and protein specialist.

An Indian-based nutrition supplement company, Body Core Science, was formed in 2018 to deliver high-quality supplements to Indian athletes. Let’s ensure our India is well-nourished and has clinically-tested products like Body Core Science’s authenticity and protein test certificates. BCS’s mission is to ensure that nutritional supplement labels are accurate, that the ingredients they contain are safe to consume, and that the products they sell are effective. Our dedication to Living Well has grown with our organization throughout the years.

Body Core Science aims to help our Indian customers achieve their health and wellness goals by providing a credible source of information and scientifically-proven health supplements of the best quality. Body Core Science Mass Gainer supplements have been put through rigorous clinical trials over short periods in different studies to demonstrate their efficacy and safety.

Why should you shop with us for the most economical supplements?

Everything from production to branding, packaging, shipping, and delivery is done in-house, and we take pride in offering high-quality products at competitive prices. As a result, we can offer our customers, India’s most affordable supplements.

Who choose Body Core Science?

As many people are interested in fitness and wellbeing, we promise to provide them with genuineness.  

  • Authentic Online Protein Supplements:

Because Body Core Science has eliminated the middleman and made it easier for customers to buy genuine online protein supplements, the products are safer from the quality and quantity fraud.

  • Affordable Rates:

Everything we do is based on our mantra, “Buy authentic, keep fit,” which means that our prices are reasonable, our Affordable  Supplements are high quality, and our quantity is large.

  • Top authentic brands:

Body Core Science has partnered with over 100 well-known and original fitness brands to meet your fitness objectives.

  • Detailed information on every product:

Before purchasing a product like whey protein, we make sure that you are well-versed in the product’s features and usage instructions. strives to supply our customers with 100% authentic products by ensuring strict quality control during supplement sourcing and distribution.


Chairmen’s Message

“We Provide Better Health Food Supplements”!

Success has no shortcuts. To reach your goals, you must constantly push yourself. Try again, fail again, but never give up. We are a science-based sports nutrition firm. Our goods are used by professional sportsmen and fitness enthusiasts across India.

With very beneficial products, Body Core Science has made its presence felt in our sector and wishes to move further and further from here.

Body Core Science’s product prices are pretty low compared to its competitors in the area and market. We never compromise on product quality and strive to improve it.

– Mr. Tarun Srivastava & Mr. Mohit Srivastava

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