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Starter Protein Shaker

BCS My Starter Premium Protein 1Kg + Shaker


BCS My Starter Premium Protein 1Kg + Shaker


This is a vegetarian product.

Serving Size : 1 Level Scoop (30g)
Serving Per Container : 33

Key Features:

  • Build and repair cells and body tissues
  • Important for blood clotting
  • Important for immune system responses
  • Important for hormones and enzymes
  • Important for growth and development
Ships From: New Delhi, India
Manufacturer :  Body Core Science, Delhi
Country of Origin :  India
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Body Core Science My Starter Protein

Body Core Science package of premium protein is considered one of the three macronutrients, and it is that amount of nutrients that beginners need in larger amounts. For beginners, proteins are necessary to raise development. This premium pack of protein has come under the category of the important macronutrient needed by every cell of humans, especially for beginners. It helps repair the body cells and tissues and builds the muscles, bones, hair, and muscles. It is also responsible for the resistant system response, hormones, blood clotting, and enzymes. BCS Supplement considered to be the affordable supplements in India. BCS Starter protein is the cheapest protein powder in India.

It is suggested to take the common dose of this pack, in 1-2 scoops, in 25-30 grams daily. This dose is suggested for beginners only. It is suggested to avoid a large amount of dose of protein if you are a beginner. You can also see the label instructions behind the pack of the premium protein to take the particular dose.

What is the need to take protein supplements?

It has been determined that protein supplements are the best for bodybuilders, especially for beginners recently joining the gym. Fine, let’s get one thing instantly. Protein supplements are for everyone. Whether you have gone for a run or a bike ride, got your flow on at yoga, or tried out the free weights at the gym. Protein helps recreate and assist the growth of your muscles. Do not be concerned. It does not indicate that you have to take it in the high dose.

What are BCS My Starter Premium Protein benefits?

The 5 benefits of BCS, my starter premium protein.

  1. Speed-up recovery after exercise and injury
  2. Reduces muscle loss
  3. Builds lean muscle
  4. Helpful in maintaining a healthy weight
  5. Curbs hunger

Does protein cause side effects?

Overall, there’s no proof that reasonably high protein eating adversely affects healthy people trying to optimize their health. Protein does not harm kidney purpose in healthy people, and studies show that it guides to improved bone health.

BCS My Starter Premium Protein Ingredients 

  • Milk Solids
  • Maltodextrin
  • Soy Protein Isolate
  • Malt Extracts
  • Pea Protein Isolate
  • Whey Protein Concentrate
  • Calcium Caseinate
  • Maize Starch
  • Cocoa Solids
  • Dietary Fibers
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Sweetener
  • Preservatives

Is it OK to take premium protein every day?

Protein is important for building and repairing your body’s cells and also plays a position in transporting nutrients and making enzymes and hormones. While there may be no exacting risks to intense protein powder daily, you should not exceed your daily protein needs.

Does protein make you gain weight?

The short answer is, yes, of lessons, protein can help you gain weight. Protein plays an important role in muscle growth by dietitians and nutritionists. It may assist you with weight gain.

Does protein make your belly fat?

It is all About Calories. If you start gaining fat, you eat too many calories, beginning with protein, carbs, or fat. Eating more protein while enduring a calorie deficit will not guide to belly fat gain.

Can protein cause heart attacks?

Protein does not cause heart problems but may, as a substitute, improve heart health. It’s generally consumed in powder form by contestants and bodybuilders to increase protein eating and improve body composition. Check with your health care provider before taking protein supplements.

Can we take protein without a workout?

Protein can also direct to liver damage over time if one eats it without being in the habit of exercising. While it is recognized to aid muscle synthesis, it can act very differently and result in undesired outcomes if one puts it away without exercising.

Which premium protein is best for muscle gain for beginners?

BCS My Starter Premium protein: If you’re a beginner who’s aiming to increase muscle mass and get lean, I generally recommend BCS My Starter Premium protein. It’s popular with fitness aficionados and gym-goers. It has all the necessary amino acids and is the easiest to absorb unless you understand milk.

What happens if you take premium protein without working out?

Those of us who aren’t qualified athletes need less protein than that, and for anyone without exercise, you might find that the extra calories go-ahead to fat gain, as you won’t be structured muscle tone.

How many months should I take My Starter Premium protein?

Early research suggests that taking a supplement containing protein daily for 2 months can reduce body weight, fat mass, and cholesterol in people with ovarian cysts.

How many proteins shakes a day?

If you’re of common build and go to the gym regularly, two protein shakes a day is sufficient to maintain your body mass. But if you’re gravely involved in athletic sports and fitness practices and might exercise, you may need to drink three to four protein shakes daily to maintain your physique and performance.

Should I drink protein every day?

BCS My Starter Premium Protein is necessary for building and repairing your body’s cells and also plays a position in transporting nutrients and producing enzymes and hormones. At the same time, as there may be no particular danger to consuming protein powder daily, you shouldn’t go beyond your daily protein needs.

Does protein cause hair loss?

Having a protein absence is not likely to trigger hereditary hair loss, although it can trigger other types of peeling. If you’re experiencing hereditary hair loss, it’s regularly unlikely that increasing your protein eating will affect your reincrease.


Combining BCS My Starter Premium protein can increase muscle mass without affecting muscle strength. BCS My Starter Premium Protein supplementation may alter bodywork in favor of different fat-free mass with no important changes in body fat.

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